our project

Exploring local knowledge


This initiative is framed within the IKM global projet, that has the intention of reflecting about and improving the knowledge processes to an international level, as well as the connection between diverse types of knowledge. We have explored about local and ancestral knowledge within diverse communities in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and here we summarize the antecedents of the project, its objectives of youth empowerment and intergenerational knowledge sharing supported by ICT tools, and the methodologies that our team have used in order to achieve this objetives to generate a collective constructed product based on the experience of key actors and stakeholders analized from the perspective of members of the community that historically have had less power (in this case, young people and housewives).

We have worked with open source tools, and we based our work in local counterparts not only to facilitate our communication with the community but to generate a capacity that stays at the community when the project comes to an end. In some cases, as it will be noticed in the blog, this strategy did not work as we expected, but in general, we have come to interesting conclusions related to what is important within the communities, and how different actors identify different types of knowledge as key.

Our principal interest has been to prove how people can become information and knowledge managers and intermediaries through the use of connected and disconnected tools and methodologies supported by information and communication technologies.


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