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Our project

In this blog we will be summarizing the general activities of the project. We decided to create a different blog for each community, so the products, experiences and particularities of each community will be easy to find and will not mix up. In the 4th column of this blog you will find the links to the community blogs, as well as a flickr photo album were all the pictures taken by us during the workshops, as well as the participants photographs are placed.

In the 2nd column you have a display of searching tools that can help you to navigate this blog, as well as an “about” page where general information about the project is displayed. The 3th column includes information of communities where we tried to develop a “Historia Comunitaria” but did not participate in the project.

We hope this digital spaces we have created will help the researchers from other countries and the members of IKM to better understand what we have done here in Central America.